Classes - An Overview

We run classes every day of the year for both beginners and experienced students. See our timetables for class times . These change on public holidays, and we run a special Christmas timetable as well so check the homepage or facebook/ Instagram  for any updates. Click here for the Timetable >

New to ashtanga yoga, complete yoga novice? We run ongoing Introductoy Courses in Ashtanga Yoga throughout the year to assist you to develop a solid practice. Find out more >

Introductory Classes (Casual & Pass Holders)

For anyone interested in trying Ashtanga Yoga, and for those wanting to refine their existing practice. These classes are suitable for beginners, ideal for those returning to practice from injury and illness, and for those who want to tune up what they can currently do. See the Timetable >

Experienced Students

You will need to have some experience of Ashtanga Yoga to attend the following classes. If you are unsure, please contact us > to discuss which level of class will suit you.

Mysore Classes (Casual & Pass Holders)

The traditional method still used in Mysore Sth India today . You will be practicing at your own pace under the guidance of one or more experienced teachers. Memory of at least the sequence comprising sun salutations and standing poses is essential, and you will be introduced to new postures as your practice deepens. Hands-on attention, adjustments, and individual refinement are offered by our teachers, and you can request as much (or as little) help as you want. Please bring a towel. View the Timetable >

Led Classes (Casual & Pass Holders)

These classes are led by a teacher, who guides the class in unison through the Primary series. Sessions running for 90 or 100 minutes are normally covering a partial primary series and are suitable for people who have completed intro level 2 or are well established in another vigorous yoga method . Led classes scheduled for 2 hours duration may run overtime and are ONLY suitable for those with a well established regular Ashtanga practice that covers the full primary series . Please call us if you are unsure whether or not this type of class might be suitable for you. Bring a towel. View the Timetable >

Workshops and Retreats

We run a number of specialised workshops during the year taken by international teachers, national experts, and local resident teachers. We host a retreat in Far North Queensland every year, usually in early September. If you are interested in workshops and retreats visit our events section > to find out about forthcoming workshops, or contact us > to register your interest.

Yoga at St. Andrews

Students at all levels will be catered for & beginners to yoga are most welcome to join us at the new St Andrews Community Centre.  Classes are taught by Tracy Cooper, Co founder of Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne. Find out more about these classes >